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Caravan Repairs & Servicing

Caravan Servicing & Maintenance

Towing a caravan in ourback Australia

Regular servicing of your RV is vital for safety, just like your towing vehicle.

Our dedicated and experienced team at Richmond Valley Caravan & Trailers are ready to service your caravan to ensure a safe and happy journey.

A regular service will include:

  • the inspection of brakes;
  • bearings and hubs;
  • tyres; chassis and suspension;
  • peripheral fittings and components;
  • external lights and wiring connections;
  • water tanks and plumbing;
  • tents/awnings;
  • hand brake; and hitch.

If any problems are discovered during your service, you will be notified and together with our experienced team, they will be resolved.

Book A Caravan Service

If you have just returned from an extended holiday or your caravan is due for a service, then now is a good time to book your next service. That way you will be ready for your next adventure.

Call us on (02) 6662 2551 to book your next service or send us an online enquiry.

Insurance Repairs for Caravans & RVs

We are a recommended repairer for all insurance companies on all makes and models. We offer free insurance quotes for all your caravan repairs.

Let us take care of everything to give you a stress-free experience with all our work fully guaranteed. 

Please Note: You have final say on who does the insurance repairs to your caravan. With us, you can talk directly to the person doing the repair and check our work at any stage to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

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Call us on (02) 6662 2551 to enquire about an insurance repair or send us an online enquiry.

Caravan Repairs

Hinges, Catches & Locks

These are all common parts of a caravan or trailer that wear out over time, especially when they are out in the elements every day so we can repair or replace them when needed.

Springs & Suspension

Just like a car, suspension wears out over time on a caravan and trailer and needs replacing so we’re able to repair or replace these parts with standard or heavy-duty kits.

Replace Couplings

If the coupling on your Caravan or trailer is worn out or not connecting to your car correctly it’s important to get this replaced asap to avoid an accident while towing.

Chassis Repairs & Welding

We have the tools & equipment to repair any damage to a trailer chassis along with being able to do any type of welding work.

Wiring, Plugs & Lights

If your lights aren’t working or you need a new plug on your caravan or trailer to suit your car, we can do this along with rewiring a trailer and changing over to LED lights.

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For any information about our caravan servicing and repairs, call us on (02) 6662 2551 or send us an online enquiry.


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